MCSP Reading List (Simons 2018)

  1. September 20: Circuit minimization problem, presented by Valentine Kabanets
  2. September 27: Learning Algorithms from Natural Proofs, presented by Marco Carmosino
  3. October 4: Power from Random Strings, presented by Eric Allender
  4. October 11: On the (Non) NP-Hardness of Computing Circuit Complexity, presented by Cody Murray
  5. October 25: NP-hardness of Minimum Circuit Size Problem for OR-AND-MOD Circuits, presented by Shuichi Hirahara
  6. November 1: Minimum Circuit Size, Graph Isomorphism, and Related Problems, presented by Andrew Morgan
  7. November 8: Hardness magnification near state-of-the-art lower bounds, presented by Igor Carboni Oliveira
  8. November 15: Open Problems Session
  9. November 29: A Closed Problem, presented by Avishay Tal